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PostedMarch 21, 2015

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  • Rohit kumargupta
    Rohit kumargupta

    Posted 9 years and 10 months ago

    Rohit kumargupta from India comments on Ideas
    I am nt a engineer i am only a student of 11th class i always think.....
    The vehicle which is run from battryy they use large amount of electricity ... ... And battry backup is no more in like scooty...rikshas... Ect...
    If we fit a dynamo r a turbine (what ever says i dnt knoww).... Which generate electricity by rotating i mean rounding.....if we fit this type of small machine in back tyre or front tyre of scooty ...and attach with tyre nd when tyre of scooty is moving then dynamo r turbine which creates electricity....is rotating and electricity is producing and which is store in other battry which is also fit in scooty. I mean 2 battery in a scooty when first battery is finish we push a button and scnd battery starts and first battery charged by turbine r dinamo ....and when our scnd battry is finish we start frst battry and scnd battry start charging ............with this technique we hv no tension fr charging scooty by electricity r no tension for full the tank of fuel.
    For example dams when water is falling on the turbine then turbine is rotating and creates electricity.
    Same in generators ot makes electricity by rotating turbine ...
    My english is nt gud bt i think u understand iit
  • Nagababu

    Posted 9 years and 10 months ago

    Nagababu from Hyderabad comments on Ideas
    Now a days smart phones sucks battery within minute, I have an idea that the battery can be charged by inserting a small SOLAR MODULE on the phone.
  • N L Aditya Patel
    N L Aditya Patel

    Posted 9 years and 11 months ago

    N L Aditya Patel from INDIA comments on Ideas
    Hello friends we are suffering with a power cut every day from atmost 2-3 hr's in city and if we go to the villages we see that there is a power cut from atmost 4-6 hr's daily. so, we have to concentrate on the places where the power cut is severe and we should come forward to solve them. first of all if we solve the problem where the poor live other people who are in great positions with no problems and power cut can get hope on us and they can help and support us by offering us some money to solve thy problems. so,my dear people try to solve the problems of the farmers who are suffering with severe power cut. so,then if we solve the problems of the farmers they can get sufficient power for the farm and they can supply sufficient water to the crop with the help of power facilities in the villages

    Thank You
    N L Aditya Patel

  • Amlan Jana
    Amlan Jana

    Posted 9 years and 11 months ago

    Amlan Jana from Kolkata comments on Ideas
    I have designed a Solar Collector, which can receive Solar Short Wave Radiation with Conventional Parabolic Solar Trough. The Solar Collector is made of clear silica Glass( 6mm thick). The Cross Section Glass is partly parabolic & its focus point is common with the main parabolic reflector. The axis of the Glass parabola makes 45 degree of angle with the latus rectum & axis of parabolic reflector. Solar radiation enters through the calculated opening of the glass. The Glass Screen is surrounded by the water tubes covered with Platinum black with 0.98 emissivity. The Glass Screen allow only short wave radiation wave length below 2500 nm. Total Solar collector system is covered with heat insulating materials. The shape of the glass is so designed that no reflected & radiated cant escape the system, and thus more than 90% of radiation will be absorbed.

    Posted 9 years and 11 months ago

    ADITYA from MUMBAI comments on Ideas
    Well for today we just know how engineering helps us to make day to day life better. But the fact being its kind of the only science we have as a trump card to undo the damage done to our surroundings by science. Isn't that a good enough help for our future , to atleast know that the future even exists??
  • Rajat

    Posted 9 years and 12 months ago

    Rajat from India comments on Ideas
    Solar paint can help world by a lot.......if we can make a paint which has the ability like a solar cell then we can creat so much electricity......
  • Guy E. Pehaim
    Guy E. Pehaim

    Posted 10 years ago

    Guy E. Pehaim from Baltimore, MD comments on Ideas
    To whom it may concern,
    My idea deals with a world without hydrocarbon fuels. I want to see an automobile built using a closed cycle hydrogen/oxygen system.
    First, the fuel tank is filled with salt water. Then, utilizing a yet-to-be found catalyst, the on-board electrical system electrolyzes the solution into hydrogen and oxygen. Each gas is then sent, via compressors forward to the engine compartment, each on its own side of the car. The oxygen, under relatively low pressure, enters the intake manifold and in time enters the combustion chamber. Meanwhile, the hydrogen under high pressure is injected into a precombustion chamber which is connected to the main combustion chamber by an orifice as in a gas (not gasoline) engine. The resultant combustion produces only water vapor and heat. The water vapor is then condensed and returned to the fuel tank to begin the cycle again. Water will be
    added to the cycle only when losses need to be made up. The catalyst for this process is currently being researched so even sea water can be used. This would also be a boon the world's merchant services where ships could use the sea around them for fuel. There would be no need for carbon sequestering.
    The world's hydrocarbon resources can then be relegated to producing plastics and various other materials that can be recycled. Island countries would have a limitless supply of energy.
  • arjun sridhar
    arjun sridhar

    Posted 10 years ago

    arjun sridhar from chennai comments on Ideas
    i have an idea to run car without any type fuel. that car energize the power during the running condition . i think that car only initial investment there is no fuel cost.this is FUTURE CAR.
  • Bineesh Jose
    Bineesh Jose

    Posted 10 years ago

    Bineesh Jose from Bangalore, Idia comments on Ideas
    I have an idea which can create energy from natural gravity.
    I created gravity and anti gravity with telsa technique to create energy.

    I am looking for an organization who will be able to implement this in large scale for the entire world.
  • Paul Reynolds
    Paul Reynolds

    Posted 10 years ago

    Paul Reynolds from South Korea comments on Ideas
    I'm a second language English teacher. I wasn't a science major, let alone an engineering major, so forgive my lack of technical elaboration. One of my youngest (and brightest) students has been brainstorming ways to generate or capture and recycle energy.

    Today, he proposed capturing the waste heat energy produced by the friction between car tires and the road surface. Does that sound technologically feasible or potentially worthwhile, economically?
  • Sagar Gondane, Nagpur, IND
    Sagar Gondane, Nagpur, IND

    Posted 10 years ago

    Sagar Gondane, Nagpur, IND from Nagpur comments on Ideas
    Designing such a security system which does not depend on any biometrics conditions which may effect due any bio-medical changes, a idea comes to my mind that how it would be if we design a security system which totally based on mirror logics which would act as maze based on spectrum of a mirror, so how is it....?????
  • Michael J. Fay
    Michael J. Fay

    Posted 10 years ago

    Michael J. Fay from United States comments on Ideas
    I am not an engineer by any means. Just someone with a few ideas. This idea is to generate electricity without using any non-renewable resources with no environmental impact. this simple idea uses the two most abundant renewable resources we have on this planet. Also without either one of them we wouldn't be able to survive anyway. The simple idea I have is just using water(salt or fresh but preferably salt) and pressurize it just using the sun. No coal,no gas,no fossil fuels at all. If we can concentrate the suns energy on the water such as a large magnifying glass or multiple magnifying glasses we could boil the water to steam in a pressure vessel. It then can turn a generator. Like I said before,I'm no engineer but you get the simple gist of it and can take it from here. Thanks
  • Jigar

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    Jigar from New Jersey comments on Ideas
    I have a very good idea to save our time.
    Right now the ongoing generation dont have time to spend with there family.
    But this problem we can solve this by using this idea.

    My idea is that to make the Road runing like cars (same like walking pannel we have in malls and airport)
    This can save a huge amount of fuel and time for our next generation.

    I hope you can think on this.

    This will be the latest technology if we have to apply and the first country in the world for this idea...

  • Dan Pascall
    Dan Pascall

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    Dan Pascall from Market Drayton, England comments on Ideas
    If you fit debris filtered turbines into major sewers can we generate reliable and strong sources of electricity?
    Similarly on a smaller scale could homes achieve this at a local level (feeding their own power supply) by adding turbines to their own water outlet pipes?
    The flow of water generates a constant energy fed by gravity we seem not to tap today.

    This leads to...

    Gravity is a force and therefore an energy you could harness to overturn the principle that perpetual motion is impossible. Without energy it is impossible, but gravity is an energy source.

    Can it give sufficient energy to overcome friction? I don't know, but with engineering I think it can.

    Take the principle of a simple child's swing on which the child can power their own motion simply by shifting their weight forwards on the forwards motion and vice versa backwards.

    By engineering and use of low friction materials I believe it is possible to start a swing at one side with the seated weight loaded to carry it through to the other side extreme. Then, via engineering the seated weight trips (using a levered switch and gravity) to slide to the opposite side of the seat, putting the weight in the correct position for the return journey and replicating the weight shift pattern of the child. Possibly this release needs some electrical or magnetic energy input but hopefully less than generated.

    Through engineering and the design of joints / levers / weight distrubution (shifts with gravity) and switches / magnets it should be possible to efficiently replicate the efficient action of a child to create the illusion of perpetual motion using gravity in an efficient machine to perpetually generate energy.

    The energy is extracted via the axis point and by tapping into the movement of the seat - the same way a steam turbine would work today.

    Challenge. Make it work!

  • murad

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    murad from orland park illinois comments on Ideas
    i have an idea that could help many of people in the world.
  • connor

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    connor from MI comments on Ideas
    Make a lightning hydrogen generator.
  • Sherif Zukic
    Sherif Zukic

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    Sherif Zukic from Cambridgeshire, UK comments on Ideas
    Proposal Summary
    Did you know that there are 1.4 billion people without electricity. My Proposal brings the price of the Megawatt to $8 and this is very favorable indicator.

    1. The proposal is for a new system that uses naturally found high pressure in the deep oceanic water to produce electricity.

    2. The advantage of our technology is that it offers unlimited capacity. The proposal could use existing pipeline technology and it could provide a constant flow of high pressure from deep oceanic waters. The electricity would be transported from the power plant to the consumer using existing cable technology. The Proposal is environmentally friendly; it is efficient and has no waste or pollution. The Unit would be built away from human habitation and it would not affect the marine biology.

    3. I am using the pipeline as a closed system with the deep pressure being the source of the energy. I have developed the 'Shielding Technology' and the 'Pressure Differential'. This is a notion where the pressure in the High Pressure Chamber is dispersed into a Low Pressure Chamber through a Medium (currently confidential) that allows High Pressure to be released without a loss of water. The idea is that High Pressure moves fast through the Medium and the water is Captured without being spilled into the Low Pressure Chamber. High pressure will rotate the turbine propellers and will produce electricity. The materials used have to withstand high pressure and salinity of the water in the deep oceans. The Proposal is Patent Pending.

    4. The proposal would allow the building of 100 MW Units at 1500m depth. Once the unit is connected to the National Grid, it would supply renewable electricity 24/7. The full scale power plants generating 1000 MW could be installed worldwide.
  • Shaurabh

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    Shaurabh from New Delhi comments on Ideas
    Plants as source to trap solar energy and then its use to human needs
  • Min Thike Kyaw
    Min Thike Kyaw

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    Min Thike Kyaw from Myanmar comments on Ideas
    I wanna know,
    for a civil engineer;
    what kind of chances can get in global society!
  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    Posted 10 years and 1 month ago

    Amit Kumar from India(U.P.) comments on Ideas
    I can increase to effiency of an ingine near about 99.8%