Bindu Lohani
Bindu Lohani Director General and Chief Compliance Officer
Asian Development Bank
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Bindu Lohani was appointed director general of the Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB), at the beginning of 2005.  From 1985 to 2005, he held several leadership positions at ADB, including secretary; deputy director of the Infrastructure, Energy, and Financial Sectors Department (West); and assistant chief of the Environmental Division, Office of Environment and Social Development Department.  From 1977 to 1985, he was division chair of the Environmental Department at the Asian Institute of Technology, and before that he worked in the departments of housing and physical planning, roads, and local development in Nepal. 

He has been a consultant to several U.N. agencies and international firms and has made presentations at many high-level international conferences and intergovernmental meetings.  A prolific writer, Mr. Lohani has published more than 120 articles and seven books. 

He earned a doctoral degree in environmental engineering and completed several senior executive-management programs organized by the government of Nepal, University of Chicago Business School, Cornell University and Arthur D. Little, and the Corporate Environmental Leadership Program at Yale University.  Mr. Lohani is a foreign associate of the National Academy of Engineering.