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Nicole Flores
Nicole Flores

PostedMarch 23, 2015

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  • Mikel R Recalde
    Mikel R Recalde

    Posted 10 years ago

    Mikel R Recalde from United States comments on About This Project
    Disassemble and nanovate the brain to solve health issues
  • Gagan deep pawar
    Gagan deep pawar

    Posted 10 years and 4 months ago

    Gagan deep pawar from Mysore comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    we have the main problem in android mobile that baterry become down quickly when useing the internet in phone we have to develop such a app which mobile can charge when useing the net
    signal or some unvisible rays energy can be change to electrical energy
  • m.e.sempill

    Posted 10 years and 6 months ago

    m.e.sempill from abbotsford,British Columbia comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    id like to preface this comment with an appology for my spelling and punctuation or lack thereof. That "frivolous commercialism" as someone put it would be something that those of us humans living in these democratic areas love to bits it is also that which makes our worlds go around. wouldn't that "frivolous commercialism" that we love so much weather because of the way that these things make us feel to own or wear or share with our friends or because these items make us $$ which is again what makes our (many of us living in democracies all over the world) democracies go round, wouldnt it just be that much better if it created no physical waste? potentially cutting down on that environmental impact that comes along with our beloved commercialism would be great especially if we can still keep our "stuff" wether to have or keep or share with our family and friends or wether to have to sell to consumers of these virtual items and/or their services. it is my opinion that anyone who acctually has any vr experience at all that wants to act like as if all this vr social media ,ipones etc. is something thaT MAY be somehow bad for our character development or lack thereof is either an idiot or just someone that has not yet got their small niche in vr completely eaked out yet quartered off sectioned out and sanctioned with all rights reserved for forever and ever but they do however see what can be done and they dont want to let on to you or me or anyone in general in hopes they can get in before the general population "figures it out"
  • karmin

    Posted 10 years and 9 months ago

    karmin from sandersville comments on Privacy Statement
    this helped me lot with me project.
  • Trevor

    Posted 10 years and 10 months ago

    Trevor from England comments on About This Project
    I would like to research into renewable energies, especially solar panel design using advanced materials.I am also interested in nanotechnology and how it can be used to enhance future product.I am very much interested in creating stuff that would help people in the developing world overcome their day to day difficulties :lighting, fuel to cook and efficient use of water.
    I feel that if engineers collaborate, we could make a great difference in this world.
  • vaughn nebeker
    vaughn nebeker

    Posted 12 years and 4 months ago

    vaughn nebeker from idaho usa comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    14 year self powering computer chip's.
    3.5 volt solar cell,radio active lab glass with 3.5 volt solar cell.
    totel 7.0 volts. modglear 1/4th" inch sqyare.
    14 years till silacon brack up in solar cell

    Posted 12 years and 8 months ago

    A SREERAM from India comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    Usage of fossil fuels are responsible to pollution, and we cant expect the present day fuels will be sufficient in future due to increasing population and excess usage of fuels. so, i have an idea based on producing electrical energy from natural energy which is highly efficient and economical
  • Rick Fenton
    Rick Fenton

    Posted 12 years and 9 months ago

    Rick Fenton from Ontario, Canada comments on About This Project
    I may have missed the answer, but are the competitions open to non-US reseaarchers?
  • Paul

    Posted 12 years and 10 months ago

    Paul from North Carolian comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    Would engineering human prosthetics be considered engineering new medicines?
  • michael stegall
    michael stegall

    Posted 12 years and 10 months ago

    michael stegall from USA comments on About This Project
    i always wondered if there was a material that could help the process. currently the plasma is made to make a toroidal stream but isnt the sun just a spinning sphere? the pressure and gravity are so much that instead of exploding outwards it collapses in. maybe a man-made diamagnetic material could be placed inside the magnetic field. the material itself would contain the even smaller reaction material. just a idea i had randomly
  • Jerrold Thacker
    Jerrold Thacker

    Posted 12 years and 11 months ago

    Jerrold Thacker from Dallas, TX comments on About This Project
    I have a strong interest in Astronomy and Cosmology, and have some very intriguing ideas, but this site does not seem to address these subjects.
  • Milan

    Posted 13 years ago

    Milan from USA, VA comments on About This Project
    The idea about this whole project is something our society really needs as an initiation phase of a bigger project:"Improve Life". Being an engineer and innovator myself, I learned that no project can live on its own, disconnected from the reality of our existence; investment and politics. In other words, as much as it is important to define and scope the major engineering challenges, it is equally important not to forget that solutions will require some channels and connections with those who make decisions (governments, politicians, investors) to ensure "stakeholders involvement". Even though it is not an engineering category and may sound disconnected from the premise of this project, I believe one of the challenges should be Making Decision Making Powers (politicians and governments) aware of challenges and timelines. In other words, educate them, bring them one step closer to our scientific and engineering perception of the world and help them help us - by making right choices and creating an environment where major decisions will be made on facts and not only on lobbying and political agendas (like the non-unrealistic cost of oil/petrol products, subsidized to the max, while renewable energy solutions must fight against them in the open market, which is as if you have to box against Mike Tyson with one of your hands tied up to your back).
  • Fransisca

    Posted 13 years and 3 months ago

    Fransisca from Indonesia comments on About This Project
    Made something to can made revolutioner to develop this problem, so can result something to come new something.
  • Fransisca

    Posted 13 years and 4 months ago

    Fransisca from Indonesia comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    Earth and everything in it was formed from the power of our thinking beyond thinking techniques can provide a major contribution in this world, the development to re-think to recycle every side of life this world has to happen, because we play in one cycle, I think engineering should possess faithful persons themselves in translating and processing itself and its surroundings to provide a major contribution in changing everything for the better, this means all is the development of human resources to the technical level, it would be much more useful because it teaches us to work with resulting in themselves, compared Our group would be great but let's look at the quality of each human being on this earth.
  • MD Grit
    MD Grit

    Posted 13 years and 6 months ago

    MD Grit from Indiana comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    Do include the posting dates on all comments. It improves context and provides valuable information for citations and archival purposes.
  • Daniel

    Posted 13 years and 6 months ago

    Daniel from Romania comments on About This Project
    Can a non-US researcher to win your challanges? Please respond on e-mail.
  • Paul Van Herck
    Paul Van Herck

    Posted 13 years and 9 months ago

    Paul Van Herck from Antwerp comments on About This Project
    I have personally have a lot of these thoughts geannaliseerd.
    if we follow the wise counsel, let herself come true to us.
    but we can assume what people know.
    and therefore I support everything you know share with each other without any level or hyrarchie.

    Ik heb veel van deze gedachten personlijk geannaliseerd.
    als we wijze raad volgen, gaan we tot ons true zelve komen.
    maar we moeten kunnen aannemen wat mensen kunnen weten.
    en daarom ben ik voorstander van alles wat je weet deel het met mekaar zonder enige level of hyrarchie.
  • Ajoy K. Ghose
    Ajoy K. Ghose

    Posted 14 years ago

    Ajoy K. Ghose from Kolkata, India comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    Grand challenges skirt the issue of population explosion which is a key challenge in many developing country.It has also given scant attention to extra-terrestrial habitats for mankind.
  • Luis Beck
    Luis Beck

    Posted 14 years and 4 months ago

    Luis Beck from Germany comments on Privacy Statement
    Hi, I am sending you the most complete Humanoid Robot list in the World and Interesting issues, it will allow you to lead the technology for the next 30 years: http://sites.google.com/site/luisbeck0072/humanoid
  • Bruce

    Posted 14 years and 6 months ago

    Bruce from Santa Barbara comments on Terms of Use and Copyright Information
    Jerry Fagersten was incorrect in his comments with regard to the water supplies for Santa Barbara. Lake Cachuma has not dried up but has continously provided over 25,000 acre feet per year without interuption. Water is piped from the California Canal at a rate of around 2000 acre feet per year and consitutes a supplemental supply. Santa Barbara's desalination plant was mothballed because it cost too much.